Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States of America. Without even knowing more, it’s an obvious risk for carriers to issue life insurance for diabetics, and pricing it accurately is quite difficult for them.

Diabetes can also affect a person from very early on, or may not develop until later in life. Both scenarios present the insurer a different set of challenges in approving a person who is diabetic and looking to secure coverage. There are a large number of factors they have to consider, like:

  • What type of diabetes do you have?
  • How long have you had it?
  • How old were you at the time of diagnosis?
  • What types of medications do you use?
  • Are you otherwise healthy?

While these are just the most basic of all the questions, they are the ones which hold the most weight when you’re ready to apply. This is why, at, we focus on your unique situation from the moment we connect with you. We know attention to details makes the difference.

We Aim To Get You Covered, Every Time

Our singular goal with all of our clients is to draft a detailed application around your unique situation, present it to the best few carriers who match your goals and to secure affordable coverage which meets your needs. While it’s more difficult for diabetics to buy life insurance, we’re here to not only make it easy, but we accept the challenge of getting it right the first time.

No matter what type of diabetes you have, we can help. In some scenarios, we can even help you buy a policy without any type of medical exam!

You can rely on our experience, our expertise, and our unwavering support to get you covered. We aim for efficiency and convenience, as well, because we know there’s much more you’d rather be doing with your time.

Our Process

Diabetes is complex, and it does require a bit more of an extensive underwriting process. However, we do the legwork for you and make it about as easy as it could get.

The first step is to get a quote.

Whether you call us by phone or use our instant quote questionnaire, we’ll need some basic information to begin drafting a quote for you. Here are the minimum criteria needed to begin:

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Gender
  3. Smoker or Non-Smoker
  4. Amount of Coverage
  5. Duration of Coverage
  6. State of Residence

Now, this would provide a quote, but in no way would be accurate as it relates to your diabetes.

In order to further refine it, here are additional bits of information we must know:

  1. Type of Diabetes
  2. Date of Diagnosis
  3. Age at Diagnosis
  4. Types of Medication/Treatments in Use
  5. Most Current Blood/Glucose Reading
  6. Height and Weight
  7. Other Health Concerns (if applicable)

The most crucial of these is whether you’re a Type 1, Type 2, or developed diabetes during pregnancy. From there, the specifics of your medical history, treatment, and other health-related items really give us the full picture of your current and past condition.

With all of these, we can begin to get very close to what we might be able to expect as a final rating. Only then can we provide some type of estimate of how much your life insurance will cost.

However, without them, it’s pretty difficult to even make an educated guess. For example, there is a wide range of prescriptions for diabetics, and each and every one is viewed differently during underwriting. The amount taken, the frequency, and even how long you’ve been taking it are subject to review.


We take the information you’ve given us, and we seek out best possible insurance companies who would be willing to approve a policy at the lowest rates.

While we do have a handful of carriers we tend to use because of their previous track records, we always shop your rate for you. Always. With more than 50 dependable and reputable companies to choose from, the market does fluctuate from time to time.

Once we find a proper fit, and match you to the right type of life insurance policy for your situation, we submit your application, usually with a cover letter to help the underwriter understand everything we’ve discussed, and they give their final decision.

You will receive one of the following results:

  1. Approved As Applied
  2. Approved Other Than Applied
  3. Postponed
  4. Denied

While we always aim for getting you approved just as you applied, we can’t always control how the underwriter views your medical history or other factors. In some instances, while rare, it may lower your premiums, though it can work the other way, too.

A postpone isn’t ideal, though it just basically means you need to wait longer. This is most common for applicants who are trying to buy life insurance too close to diagnosis or other uncontrolled scenarios.

A decline, of course, means they won’t be able to offer coverage. However, while most agents would stop here, we don’t. We would continue to shop your application among other carriers until we’ve exhausted every possibility there is. This additional work will cost you nothing and requires you no additional effort.

In situations where no company will approve, we still have a few last resorts to help you secure some type of coverage.

Experience The Simplicity of Working With Us

Diabetics deserve a life insurance policy as much as anyone, and it’s our mission to make it happen. If you need coverage for yourself or a loved one, do yourself a favor and get in touch. We are truly here to help.

For additional information in regards to life insurance or other topics surrounding diabetes, visit our blog.