About LifeInsuranceDiabetics.com


Oh, hello there!


How are you doing today (really)? We hope you’re doing well.

Looking to learn a little about us before you consider taking your interest in insurance any further? Not a problem!

We’re Not Average, Because That’s No Fun!

Everyone has a story. Everyone got a start somewhere, and everyone is different than the person next to them.

We’re no exception.

We’re pretty different than your average broker, too. But, before we tell we what we are and what we do, let’s just clear the air on what we’re NOT, first.

  1. We’re not a large, corporate company. Sorry, investor types, no stocks for sale here!
  2. We’re not a massive call center. Nope. Not even close.
  3. We’re not an insurance company. In fact, we’re not even captive. (We don’t work for any insurance company.)

Nope, nope, and definitely not.

However, we ARE:

  1. National. We’re licensed all across the United States.
  2. Online. We help you from A to Z, and the entire process is online and over the phone.
  3. Independent. We match you with the company who will cover you for the lowest price, guaranteed.

In other words, no agent, no call center, and no company can beat our rates. It’s impossible.

Annnnd we’re just getting warmed up.

Our Truest Mission

When you choose to work with us, you’re also getting a few bonuses. We don’t like to toot our horn openly, but uh… we’re pretty good at this thing. Seriously.

Because we specialize in ONLY diabetic life insurance, we’re focused. We’re experienced.

We’re true specialists.

And it’s all predicated on our mission:

A fair, transparent process, remarkable customer service, and 100% fully customized solutions, explicitly for diabetics.

It’s not that we don’t mind working with those who don’t have diabetes, it’s just not necessarily our core strength.

We KNOW diabetes. We KNOW we have the best expertise.

We KNOW we can help you.

You Have A Choice

Correction, you have lots of choices.

  • You can choose to work with us… or not. *sad face*
  • You can choose whichever company you want; we’ll give you our best options, but you get the final say.
  • You can choose your policy type, benefit amount, riders and more.
  • You can choose how you want to pay. Pay annual for a discount? Go ahead. Monthly, for convenience? Sure, no problem!
  • You can choose to skip the exam, if you want. Indeed, we have those solutions, as well.

Look, we truly want to help. But we also know it’s a pretty boring purchase, too. We’re just trying to make it ever so slightly easier.

Just remember one thing.

You buy life insurance because you’re protecting something. Someone.

At the end of the day, that’s what matters.

Hopefully you’ll trust us with that decision.